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“In our business we deal with a lot of overseas vendors.We came to RDC
because of their global risk coverage.We like knowing that we aren’t
doing business with questionable sources. It’s really helped us to manage
our vendor relationships and ensure that we work with only the best
people and companies.” – Compliance Director & BSA/AML Officer


“I am always struggling to balance the efficiency and effectiveness of our
compliance programs. RDC enhanced our current processes without tying
up too many of our internal resources.With the ability to outsource our
risk management needs to RDC’s onsite analysts, we have been able to
free up a lot of internal people and better utilize our resources.”
– SVP, Global AML Compliance


"As a large banking institution in the area, we felt that our AML and KYC
compliance programs were pretty effective.  However, we started seeing
a lot of fraud coming from foreign customers and felt that we needed a solution
for additional due diligence.  RDC provided the perfect solution, and has really
taken our compliance program to a new level.” AML Program Manager


“Our organization survives through donations, and we were concerned
about receiving a donation from a source that may have a problematic
history.  RDC came through for us and implemented a solution that would
allow us to screen the origin of the donation. This was done within seconds
and we now also use daily portfolio monitoring to further protect our
organization’s reputation from questionable donors.”  Compliance Officer


“Several of our team members informed me that they have seen remarkable
improvement with their research since using RDC. We are making progress!"
Director, Global Due Diligence 


"They provided the needed proactive risk and compliance protection for our
Financial company's challenge."  SVP, AML Compliance

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