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RDC has delivered world-class risk and compliance protection to a wide variety of organizations, ranging from Fortune 50 global financial institutions, middle market financial institutions, money transfer organizations, insurance, energy and telecommunications companies, and government organizations.

The following are highlights of solutions we have provided to our clients:
Helping a Global Retail Bank Implement an Enhanced Compliance Program
RDC was selected in 2009 to provide risk mitigation intelligence and services to enhance the Bank’s existing Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) practices. To date, RDC has screened millions of the Bank’s higher-risk profile accounts, and is monitoring millions of entities daily for breaking news, PEPs, and international sanctions lists to ensure that its compliance efforts remain ahead of regulatory requirements and that the Bank’s exposure is minimized.
RDC’s risk-relevant intelligence employs over 60 risk codes and advanced account filtering technology to ensure compliance with a wide range of regulatory and due diligence standards. The Retail Banking client has engaged RDC for a number of services, including:
  • System to system integration of account screening process and alerts
  • Screening of thousands of new accounts per week
  • RDC Analyst Review – skilled RDC analysts pre-screen all responses to reduce false positives, significantly minimizing workload for the client’s compliance team and pinpointing serious alerts for further investigation
  • Continuous monitoring of the client’s portfolio for new alerts to ensure its compliance efforts remain ahead of regulatory requirements.
  • Dedicated support and training, customer service, and analyst pool
  • Full audit trail and reporting of inquiries and alerts
The Bank cited RDC’s industry-leading risk-relevant database, analytic capabilities, commitment to customer service, and capacity to provide ongoing monitoring as key factors in its selection decision. They were delighted by a full system-to-system integration process that took less than 30 days to implement. The Bank has closed a significant number of accounts to date based on RDC alerts.
Helping the Public Sector Detect Fraud
Dear Friends and Colleagues:
Please allow me a minute to say thanks and bring you up to speed on a critical public sector effort all of us at RDC are proud to assist.  
Since taking RDC’s helm in October 2009, I have visited many of you and have been so impressed by your desire to enable us to serve you better. Over the next couple of months, you will see many of your suggested enhancements to our offering go into production. They will make us all better and foster that spirit of collegiality which I promised would be a hallmark of my tenure here.  
In that vein, I would like to bring you up to speed on RDC’s role in an unprecedented anti-fraud initiative for the United States Government. Since October 2009, RDC has been proud to support the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board (RATB) as its sole risk intelligence provider. The RATB’s mission is critical to the right-sizing of the United State’s economy. Reporting to the Vice President of the United States, the RATB protects the American people against any misuse of the $787 billion in stimulus funds that have been awarded since early 2009.  
Quite simply, this is the single largest anti-fraud effort in world history. The RATB monitors awards of stimulus funds 24/7, using RDC’s intelligence in conjunction with information about specific programs from Recovery.gov to help identify troubled beneficiaries or problematic patterns. Their eyes assure that the funds are put to public good and not otherwise. Potential instances of fraud, misappropriation or other criminal behavior are earmarked for further investigation.  
Many of you may have seen the recent CNN expose on the RATB and its head, Earl Devaney. During the course of that report, you will actually see how the RATB uses our data in conjunction with Palantir, our technology partner. You will also learn of some of the success the RATB has had to date.
RDC is honored to be the only risk data intelligence provider in this effort. We were part of the winning team with our partners from HMS Technologies, Palantir Technologies, and Grant Thornton.  We continue to work night and day to support the RATB’s mission. It’s the same tireless effort we put in every day for you, our clients.  
All the best,
Thomas M. Obermaier
Chief Executive Officer


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