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Providing the most in-depth global coverage of senior Politically Exposed Persons

Comprehensive PEP list screening

Integral to its mission to aid public and private sector efforts to combat global corruption and money laundering, RDC’s Politically Exposed Persons intelligence,  “PEP Connect” is unmatched in the crowded compliance services marketplace. We are proud to offer clients PEP solutions that meet the exacting and high standards demanded by the same leading financial institutions that created RDC from the ground up.


RDC has the world’s largest comprehensive collection of politically exposed persons (PEPs) , their relatives, and close associates.

Best Protection

  • Coverage of 240 Countries, including corruption and sovereign risk ratings for each country based on Transparency International’s index
  • Over 200,000 US PEPs
  • The most extensive set of PEP relationships including family and associates
  • More details on each PEP, including level, type, and position history
  • Each PEP is actively screened daily for adverse media against thousands of global publications
  • Over 400 sanctions ,watch lists, and government authority regulatory actions
  • Comprehensive risk rating for each PEP based on an algorithm that factors all the components described above
  • Compliance with Wolfsberg Principles, FATF and EU Third Money Laundering Directive

Efficient Performance

  • PEP screening and filtering based on your company policies for narrowing by:
    • Geography (excluding specific countries or reviewing specific corridors)
    • Level (most senior PEPs only or down to regional level )
    • Type (executive, legislative, military or all 14 segments of government)
    • Rating (From D, the riskiest PEPs , to A, the least risky)
  • Ability to provide different levels of screening for a client with different lines of businesses, such as retail vs. wealth management
  • Filtering and prioritization of all alerts using RDC’s CVIP filtering capabilities 

Proven Benefits

  • PEP Connect™ adheres to the widest industry standard of PEP definitions and provides  the broadest coverage
  • For each line of business or segment, you determine the right level and limits of PEP screening to meet your specific rules and policies
  • Improves overall efficiency by allowing you to prioritize only the PEPs that matter the most first
  • Faster decision time, by consolidating relevant  information about the PEP in a single record, including sources of information, reducing additional research time
  • Readies your business for the emerging regulations on US PEPs


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