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Experienced risk professionals help shape precisely customized solutions

RDC is here to meet your enhanced due diligence needs. Our risk consulting services address a range of regulatory, criminal and reputational risks including corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing, sanctions and embargoes, fraud and criminal association. RDC Consulting offers due diligence products that are comprehensive, tailored to fit each client’s needs, and cost-effective for both the public and private sector. Our team works directly with your compliance team, IT group, and systems integrator to develop a customized, affordable, and effective compliance strategy for your organization. The emphasis is on meeting your needs now and in the future. 

Services include:

  • Advising companies confronting corruption or AML compliance issues;
  • Establishing customer due diligence programs;
  • Performing internal investigations;
  • Conducting remedial due diligence projects; and
  • Performing comprehensive enhanced due diligence (EDD) to address the full range of legal, regulatory and reputational risk. 
RDC Consulting offers HealthCheck, a comprehensive review of an organization’s compliance and credit risk environments. Compliance control policies, procedures and practices are benchmarked against legal requirements and best practices standards. The process includes a review of current practice, staffing and data models against industry leading productivity measures. Recommendations are provided on enhancements to meet regulatory requirements and methods to improve AML program productivity. This service complements RDC’s AML EDGE, and AML/KYC Compliance services.
To assist companies doing business in international markets or dealing with agents, vendors and distributors in highly competitive markets, RDC Consulting provides due diligence, investigation and advisory services to protect companies against corruption, fraud and FCPA liability. This service complements RDC’s Supply Chain and Distribution third party screening and monitoring in a seamless and cost effective manner.
The team is comprised of experienced industry veterans who have managed risk, compliance (AML, FCPA, sanctions and embargoes, etc.) and business intelligence assignments for some of the largest financial institutions across the globe. In addition, our senior managers have decades of experience as federal and state prosecutors, investigators and intelligence analysts.



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