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Leading edge public source screening for possible terror links

With over a million records on terrorist and organized crime figures and groups collected from international law enforcement watch lists, foreign and English language global media, specialty publications, and thousands of hard-to-find sources around the world, RDC offers a proven, powerful solution for government agencies, investigators, and companies concerned about terror risk. 
RDC’s market leading terror data collection strategy is supervised and informed by the experience of a network of former officials from top ranks in the US and global law enforcement and intelligence community.  The terrorism data assembled and structured by RDC offers organizations:

  • A spotlight on potential weaknesses in internal security practices
  • Biographic and geographic details concerning terrorist cells that operate as the building blocks of global terror organizations
  • Access to archived information on terror figures, cells, and groups not readily found through open-source searches

Long a leader in U.S. OFAC and BSA/USA PATRIOT Act regulatory compliance, RDC continuously updates its global public source archive of key U.S., UN, European, Canadian, and Australian terrorism watch lists including the U.S. Treasury Department’s OFAC list, Australia's DFAT UNSC sanctions list, Canada's OSFI watch lists, the EU Consolidated List of Sanctioned Persons, Groups, and Entities, and more.

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