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Premier risk intelligence solutions

RDC is focused on delivering risk intelligence that empowers customers to make smarter risk decisions.

Compliance Protection:

  • AML/KYC Compliance: Meet critical client on-boarding and monitoring requirements with extensive international coverage of negative media, OFAC and other government watchlists, international regulatory authority actions, and more.
  • RDC Iran Connect: The first solution to market last year specifically focused on CISADA compliance, is the industry's leading solution for corporations and financial institutions.
  • Corruption, Fraud and Crime Protection: Be confident you have the fraud protection you need with access to hundreds of thousands of risk relevant records highlighting potential vulnerability to malfeasance, organized crime influence, and asset fraud.

OFAC/Sanctions Screening: Real-time screening utilizing more than 400 global watch-lists with the finest international negative media coverage and daily monitoring.

Supply Chain and Distribution Risk Protection: VendorProtect provides 24/7 oversight of your supplier and distributor networks, identifying potential performance risk, corruption or reputation concerns as they arise.

Public Source Terrorism Data: Minute-to-minute screening of terrorist and organized crime figures and groups on international law enforcement watch lists.

Consulting: Access our consulting services to address a range of regulatory, criminal and reputational risks including corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing, sanctions and embargoes, fraud and criminal associations.


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