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Organizations tailor RDC’s risk intelligence to meet business needs

Helping businesses mitigate risk

Whether it’s for an energy company, telecommunications organization, exporter, non-government organization, health care provider, gaming entity, or any other type of organization seeking risk relevant intelligence to help your organization strengthen fraud protection, enhance regulatory compliance, manage supply and distribution risk or protect your brand equity, our intelligence can help mitigate risk.

Our flexible structure allows organizations to tailor our intelligence to their business needs. Every record in our database is coded with accurate, risk-relevant event codes – a feature that allows organizations to minimize noise by selecting only those event categories and sources that are appropriate to their needs. Our customers can specify up to 60 risk-relevant codes – ranging from money laundering, terrorism, fraud, narcotics trafficking, organized crime, embargoes and sanctions, to PEPs, regulatory watchlists, identity theft, burglary, cybercrime and more.
Our intelligence is designed for a broad group of constituencies and applications including, but not limited to:




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