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Risk intelligence that flags and monitors crimes against the social interest

Helping with online consumer protection

As the Internet community places a growing importance on keeping its consumers safe, online services organizations are realizing the value of RDC’s intelligence and the role it plays in an overall consumer protection strategy.

Internet community providers such as social networking sites, care providers, dating services, online community boards, and children’s social networking sites benefit from RDC’s strong database coverage to flag or monitor crimes against the social interest such as domestic crime and other risk-relevant conduct.

Organizations use RDC’s intelligence for initial screening of new members or providers and to proactively monitor against material developments. Daily Monitoring of your entire client base against GRID developments combined with expert RDC analyst review of the results gives you fast access to the data you need to make informed, smarter decisions. RDC narrows false positives, prioritizes according to your risk guidelines and gives email notification of material changes on a real-time basis. Our intelligence flags hard-to-find risks, and delivers alerts to you within 24 hours of the event’s appearance in our database.


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