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Access to the most comprehensive international negative news, PEPs and emerging market intelligence

Trusted intelligence for AML/KYC compliance

RDC was founded by 20 of the world’s leading financial institutions to develop best-in-class regulatory, fraud protection and reputational risk management products and services.

Today, RDC is a recognized provider of critical, risk relevant intelligence, driving successful AML compliance/KYC compliance and fraud protection for the industry.

We specialize in the hard-to-find: our intelligence is unmatched in its international negative news, PEPs and OFAC Sanctions Screening. A must-have for your organization to foster safety and soundness. Our intelligence includes extensive, global coverage of key public source indicators of reputational, legal, and financial risk to securities, banking, and corporate constituencies.
A wide range of Fortune 50 global financial institutions, brokerage, hedge funds, credit, middle market financial institutions, money transfer organizations, and insurance companies use RDC intelligence to strengthen fraud protection and enhance regulatory compliance.
Our risk and compliance intelligence helps financial institutions and insurance organizations:
  • Ensure regulatory compliance in the client on-boarding and monitoring process
  • Detect Anti-Money Laundering/Know Your Customer suspicious activity
    • Regulatory reporting
    • Government sanctions compliance
    • Regulatory exam performance
  • Augment credit decision making
  • Protect brand equity and reputation


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