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Compliance due diligence, emerging market protection, supply chain risk protection and credit risk protection

Providing proactive risk and compliance protection

Corporations today face increasing and diversifying demands on their business, and are constantly pressured to do more with less – compliance and risk protection not withstanding.

RDC helps corporations:
  • Develop compliance due diligence programs to help protect companies against corruption, fraud and maintain FCPA compliance. Our intelligence includes extensive, global coverage of persons and organizations indicative of FCPA-relevant risk, with over 1 million records on corruption, bribery, and graft.
  • With OFAC Sanctions Screening. As corporations expand sales into the BRIC economies and emerging markets, RDC’s emerging market risk intelligence becomes critical. RDC’s intelligence covers the domestic and international markets you would expect, and in addition, we specialize in the BRIC economies and emerging markets with unmatched intelligence backed by hundreds of thousands of media records that highlight issues of concern in hard to reach locations.
  • Screen and monitor third-party relationships. Corporate organizations today have more third party relationships to manage which introduces significant risk on an organization’s performance, credit, regulatory compliance and reputation management. RDC’s intelligence provides a comprehensive view of third party risk before an organization enters a supplier relationship, including insight to potential reputational, financial and performance risk. We provide Daily Portfolio Monitoring to proactively identify and manage risks over the life of a supplier relationship.
  • With credit risk protection. Corporations are realizing the importance of monitoring credit risk globally in a more aggressive fashion. RDC’s risk intelligence functions as a smoke detector to expose early signs of a business’ credit deterioration. RDC-captured media from across the globe covers the full risk spectrum, from adverse financial developments to newly arising performance issues involving corporate scandals, fraud, financial crimes, regulatory actions and negative marketplace rumor. The breadth of collection offers a critical advantage in informing overall credit decision-making by highlighting hard-to-find risk indicators that give clients an edge in responding quickly to significant events.

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