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Providing risk and compliance protection to finance, hedge funds, the public sector, corporations, and even the Internet community

Helping a wide range of industries mitigate risk

RDC delivers powerful, world-class risk and compliance intelligence that empowers a wide range of organizations to make smarter risk decisions. Risk and compliance protection services range from helping customers strengthen fraud protection, enhance regulatory compliance, manage supply and distribution risk, and protect brand equity.

  • Finance and Insurance: Access to the most comprehensive international negative news, PEPs and emerging market intelligence.
  • Hedge Funds: A one-stop AML solution, tailored to meet the needs of prime brokers and their hedge fund clients.
  • Corporations: Proactive risk and compliance protection ranging from compliance due diligence, emerging market protection, supply chain risk protection to credit risk protection.
  • Public Sector: Government utilized and endorsed risk intelligence solutions offer transparency and flexibility.
  • Healthcare: Helping the healthcare community detect fraud with risk intelligence that flags areas of concern within the supply chain.
  • Internet Community: Assisting with online consumer protection by providing risk intelligence that flags and monitors crimes against the social interest.
  • Other Industries: Helping a wide range of other industries mitigate risk with intelligence tailored to meet individual business needs.

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