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Offering organizations the flexibility to do their own false positive reviews

Direct access for client analysts

RDC Client Review provides real-time access to RDC’s GRID™ (Global Regulatory Information Database) via the web or batch integration, along with the same AML technology platform that is used by RDC’s analysts to provide superior insight, research and compliance. Inquiries are matched against the GRID database using proprietary name-matching algorithms and the client’s customized filters, and all results are available immediately via a secure web interface. False positive reviews are completed by the client.

RDC Client Review also enables ongoing client monitoring, or Daily Portfolio Monitoring, of an organization’s entire client base – whether it be customers, suppliers or distributors – against GRID developments, prioritized according to your risk guidelines, on a real-time basis.

RDC Client Review also allows RDC clients the real-time ability to:
  • Manage team batches and reporting online
  • Search and review historical submissions and results
  • Search and review monitoring results
  • Manage individual portfolio records
  • Receive online batch status reports



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