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Configurable Rules Engine to drive KYC and documentation requirement


AML EDGE combines RDC’s regulatory expertise with reliable Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Customer Identification (CIP) and Know Your Customer (KYC) utility solutions providing unparalleled risk and compliance protection to the financial industry. It is the industry’s next evolution, driving significant value for your firm through the outsourcing of your KYC/AML compliance efforts using our turnkey approach.
The AML EDGE product provides comprehensive decision-ready reports on individuals and organizations reducing both the time and costs associated with the onboarding and KYC related activities for your customers, allowing you to focus on servicing your clients.

Service Highlights 

  • CIP verification and authentication as required, coupled with comprehensive KYC screening against the RDC GRID database as well as other databases based on your requirements
  • Risk rating of new customers as well as associated industries built into the process based on factors such as geographic location, client type and products
  • On-line data input capability providing flexibility in data elements and KYC questions to meet your clients’ requirements and jurisdictional regulations
  • RDC analysts review the results from each search, eliminating false name matches and matters not relevant to the on-boarding risk assessment
  • Decision ready results provided on-line with full print capabilities— a one page report with access to all supporting documentation and available to your analysts and internal auditors
  • Robust case management capability with full audit trail and on-line query capabilities—optional document storage and retrieval capabilities for constitutive documents including expiration date tracking

Due Diligence Peace of Mind


  • RDC compliance experts are proficient in regulatory requirements of the major jurisdictions, ensuring that your AML policies and procedures meet all legal and regulatory requirements in multiple jurisdictions and alert you to changes that may affect you and your clients
  • We provide assurance and protection against anticipated regulatory requirements and changes such as the Dodd-Frank bill and the pending Hedge Fund Transparency Act.
  • We improve your operational efficiencies by providing comprehensive decision-ready due diligence information with a fast turnaround time, enabled by our superior technology and value-added services that lets you to focus on alerts that are most material to your business only
  • The RDC solution suite reduces costs associated with the CIP/KYC processing through the outsourcing and automation of manual processes


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