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Daily exports of our risk intelligence for complete confidentiality and flexibility

License GRID for use behind your firewall

RDC makes it’s Global Regulatory Information Database (GRID™) portable for organizations requiring complete confidentiality. Under a GRID Data License, our data is exported daily. An ideal solution for public-sector organizations or private companies that prefer to work with our risk-relevant intelligence behind a firewall, a GRID Data License offers clients the perfect blend of complete security and data flexibility.

GRID data licenses are available directly to client organizations or through a client's partner. This is an attractive option for organizations that collaborate with a Value Added Reseller (VAR), maintain a pre-existing system, or employ their own analysts.

RDC's proprietary risk coding feature also offers options to purchase selected, filtered slices of the database that are customized to clients' needs. Every GRID record is coded with accurate, risk-relevant event codes – a feature that allows organizations to minimize noise by selecting only those event categories and sources that are appropriate to their needs. Our customers can specify up to over 50 risk-relevant codes – ranging from money laundering, terrorism, fraud, narcotics trafficking, organized crime, embargoes and sanctions, PEPs, regulatory watchlists, identity theft, burglary, cybercrime and more – to zoom in on only those criteria and events pertinent to their business.


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