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Thorough screening of your business partners

Real time alerts for real danger

RDC’s VendorProtect™ product is an automated due diligence solution that provides background information about your business partners and key principals to identify areas of concern and serves as a “smoke detector” for future potential issues.

RDC VendorProtect™ delivers

  • Identity verification of the primary business entity
  • A comprehensive global search of negative media, watch lists,  regulatory lists, and PEP lists, for any concerns about the entity and its principals
  • A cost effective solution allowing you to focus your enhanced due diligence resources on high-risk entities
  • Daily monitoring of your entire vendor portfolio provides early warnings of potential new risks
  • The industry’s most experienced analysts to reduce false positives and deliver results prioritized according to your risk guidelines while assuring quick delivery of material risk relevant information
  • Compliance with appropriate global anti-bribery regulations

Benefits of vendor screening

  • Provides a comprehensive risk assessment taking account of vendor type, geo-political factors and industry/product as well as any special risk concerns
  • A firm-wide approach encompassing the full range of risks and concerns associated with vendor risk, including internal fraud and corruption
  • Obtain and maintain support from the business, operations, legal, compliance and global security departments
  • A comprehensive Know Your Vendor due diligence vetting and monitoring program is the critical element in protecting your firm’s reputation
  • A vendor data management system  keeps your vendor due diligence and identity information accurate and up-to-date
  • Supports periodic independent and regulatory audits of your firm

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