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A decision-ready summary report with the ability to dig deeper as required

A one stop due diligence profile on people and organizations

RDC’s AMLxp™ is a due diligence, bureau-style report on both corporate entities and individuals, with data aggregated from multiple data sources, assessed, scored, and summarized to allow you and your team to make decisions quickly and with the most relevant information at your fingertips.

Whether onboarding new relationships or performing one-time remediation efforts, AMLxp is the tool of choice. It can be used for due diligence on customers, prospects, vendors, partners, agents, franchisees, and other parties of interest.

Highest Quality Results

  • ID verification of the entity
  • Decision-ready summary report with the ability to dig deeper as required
  • Configurable risk scorecard covering nine core risk categories
  • Ability to focus your enhanced due diligence investments in time and money on those entities  that warrant further investigations


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