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Risk relevant intelligence that’s personalized and customizable

Providing a comprehensive suite of risk and compliance services and delivery options to choose from

RDC's proprietary GRID™ (Global Regulatory Information Database) powers our suite of risk and compliance services with the highest-caliber intelligence in the industry. Since our risk intelligence is only of value if it's easily accessible and integrates seamlessly with existing work flows, we deliver our data in customizable, personalized formats tailored to client requirements.

RDC clients can opt to have RDC analysts screen for false positives with RDC Review; submit batches of names for ongoing monitoring; run quick checks in real time to get results with RDC Search; submit batches and use their own analysts to screen for false positives; or purchase a GRID Data License to use our entire database behind a firewall.

With our Daily Portfolio Monitoring, RDC monitors your entire client base against GRID developments combined with expert RDC analyst review to ensure the results meet your unique requirements. RDC narrows false positives, prioritizes according to your risk guidelines, and gives email notification of material changes on a real-time basis.
We also provide consulting services to help organizations develop turnkey compliance strategies and seamlessly integrate RDC’s risk processing services with existing workflows.
  • Solution for customer onboarding and KYC needs
  • Configurable Rules Engine to drive KYC and documentation requirements
  • CIP Document Repository
  • Inclusion of 3rd party data sources to fulfill your due diligence needs
  • Case Management tool to configure your workflows and process rules
  • ID verification of the entity
  • Decision-ready summary report with the ability to dig deeper as required
  • Configurable risk scorecard covering 9 core risk categories
  • Ability to focus your enhanced due diligence investments in time and money on those entities  that warrant further investigations
  • Daily Portfolio Monitoring for any changes of risk criteria
  • Increased screening volumes - millions of transactions a month
  • Data quality/completeness
  • Expanded depth of screening
  • Prioritized risk screening results 
  • Additional manual analyst review 
  • Inquiries sent to RDC via the web or batch
  • False positive review completed by the client
  • Results available via the web

RDC Review

  • Inquiries sent to RDC via the web or batch
  • Initial false positive review completed by RDC analysts
  • Results available via the web
  • Web-based system lets clients view results instantaneously
  • Identity verification of the primary business entity
  • A comprehensive global search of negative media, watch lists, regulatory lists, and PEP lists,
  • Daily monitoring of your entire vendor portfolio providing early warning of potential new risks
  • Compliance with appropriate global anti‚Äźbribery regulations
  • Allows clients to import into internal systems
  • Raw GRID data as XML formatted database imports plus deltas generated daily


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