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Your resource for international negative news, PEP protection, OFAC screening, and emerging market coverage

GRID™ accesses thousands of public information sources and databases from around the world, dating back as far as 30 years; lists of senior political figures from virtually every country in the world; international and U.S. government (OFAC) lists, terrorist sanctions, embargoes, Interpol, U.S. Commerce Department and criminal wanted and fugitive lists and the worldwide media. Information contained in GRID dates back further than most regulations require, offering added assurance that institutions have access to their clients' or potential clients' risk-relevant history.

Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that GRID captures new sources of risk-relevant data as quickly as they are available. We constantly scan global media, regulatory information providers, business periodicals, think tanks, academic publications, and global law enforcement open sources to ensure that relevant data are captured and made available to our clients.

Our GRID Intelligence includes:
  • Negative Media: Over 10,000 global media publications filtered daily (newspapers, magazines, TV, transcripts, trade publications) covering global economic, business, political trade, in-depth country analysis, academic specialty publications.
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs): Hundreds of thousands of records on senior officeholders, family members, associates, and every internationally relevant regulatory category of Politically Exposed Persons.
  • CISADA Compliance: RDC Iran Connect was the first solution to market last year specifically focused on CISADA compliance and is the industry's leading solution for corporations and financial institutions.
  • Anti-Fraud Protection: Hundreds of thousands of fraud risk relevant variables highlighting potential vulnerability. Singular comprehensive source combining bankruptcy, restructuring, and asset fraud, with all relevant criminal records and extensive negative media regarding felonious activity and shell/front companies.
  • OFAC: RDC’s comprehensive OFAC database holdings offer clients peace of mind for OFAC screening and compliance requirements with coverage of the Specially Designated Nationals List, the Palestinian Legislative Council List, and all relevant US Treasury Department sanctions lists. Our preeminent search capabilities ensure OFAC compliance with built-in capabilities to recognize potential matches of non-English language names.
  • International Government Watchlists: All internationally recognized economic sanctions and “wanted” watchlists. Regardless of where you do business, you’re covered.
  • Terrorists: All internationally recognized watchlists, updated daily, plus all reported connections in local and global media of record. 
  • Regulatory Actions: Thousands of international regulatory actions containing hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies with regulatory histories.
  • Mortgage Fraud: Preeminent database of mortgage fraud in the United States, highlighting people and firms of interest for you in loan underwriting or CMBS and RMBS due diligence and trades.
  • Corporate Scandals: Single largest collection of risk intelligence regarding the largest corporate and political scandals. Individuals and entities identified through media, regulatory filings, court documents and testimony. All categorized by scandal. 
  • Comprehensive Archival Regulatory Data: The largest and most comprehensive archival data of regulatory and law enforcement actions. It’s the only tool to allow you to avoid potential recidivist exposure.


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