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The most comprehensive, accurate and reliable source of publicly available, risk-relevant information

A risk database that is unmatched in quality and quantity

The core of RDC’s decision-ready intelligence is our risk database, or Global Regulatory Information Database (GRID™) – the most comprehensive, accurate and reliable source of publicly available, risk-relevant information ever compiled on a worldwide basis.

More risk-relevant intelligence. Resting on a state-of-the art technology platform, GRID draws from continuously updated media, web site, sanction, watchlist, and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) data. GRID currently holds more than 18 million individual risk-relevant, quality-controlled, manually screened records. RDC monitors nearly 10,000 global media sources; hundreds of web sites ranging from regulatory, enforcement, disciplinary action, fugitive lists, sanctions and embargoes; and 5,000 international public source records for FCPA-relevant risk events, and more.

More flexibility. Every GRID record is coded with accurate, risk-relevant event codes – a feature that allows organizations to minimize noise by selecting only those event categories and sources that are appropriate to their needs. Our customers can specify over 60 risk-relevant codes – ranging from money laundering, terrorism, fraud, narcotics trafficking, organized crime, embargoes and sanctions, to PEPs, regulatory watchlists, identity theft, burglary, cybercrime and more. Our flexible structure lets you zoom in on only those criteria and events pertinent to your business.
Higher quality and reliability. An average of 7,000 new data records are added to GRID daily, while sources and content relevance are continuously screened and fine-tuned by an expert network of regulatory, law enforcement, intelligence and legal professionals.
More transparency. RDC is fully copyright-compliant and transparent. Leading U.S. and international clients enjoy confidence knowing all our data are derived entirely from public sources, link back wherever possible to original source material, and adhere to copyright law.

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