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Today, a comprehensive risk and compliance information services company

Advancing risk technology and compliance utilization

Founded by 20 of the world’s leading financial institutions in 2002 to provide AML/KYC compliance solutions to financial institutions, today RDC provides a diverse range of comprehensive risk and compliance protection services. These solutions range from compliance protection, credit risk protection, supply chain and distribution risk protection, and turnkey outsourcing solutions.

Organizations turn to RDC based on our ability to provide:
  • The industry’s most empowering risk technology tools with the most robust search engine, most configurable database and dedicated analysts to make sure you get the right solution to maximize business efficiencies.
  • The foremost long-term protection, with the largest daily addition of risk-relevant information plus Daily Monitoring of all accounts combined with our analysts’ review to assure quick delivery of material risk changes.
RDC’s pedigree as the only compliance company created by the financial sector means that our data, quality control, information technology and service options were specifically engineered from the start to match the demanding standards of the compliance world. Add to that the tens of millions of dollars invested in building RDC’s state-of-the-art, comprehensive, configurable risk technology platform. Then consider our comprehensive understanding of customer needs based on our team of industry veterans who have managed risk and compliance for Fortune 50 organizations and from within the U.S. law enforcement and intelligence community. All of this combined uniquely positions RDC to drive risk intelligence processing standardization and utilization for the industry. RDC is focused on taking non-core information processing, making it more comprehensive and efficient, and in turn, allowing our clients to make better risk decisions, achieve peace of mind, and focus on the bigger picture.


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